about sophia white

Name: sophia white
Alias: Djarii
Age: 24
Location: united kingdom
Streaming Since: 2014

Sophia White, recognised as Djarii online is the UKs most followed female broadcaster on Twitch. She has been streaming for 4 years, originally alongside other jobs and now as a full time profession and can be found streaming most evenings.

Djarii's channel is best known for its variety content, she plays all genres of video games from FPS to MMORPG and also creates makeup content which has recently exploded in popularity. Her stream is centred around community, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

Outside of streaming, Djarii is an artist, model and creative. Having studied Art in various colleges across the UK she finds enjoyment in expressing her creative side with digital and traditional illustration, special effects and live costume makeup as well as her unique, ever-changing personal style!

Largest (by following) female streamer in the UK

Top 5 finalist in the UKs Nyx Face Awards competition

Featured at multiple events for large sponsors including Tencent, Netmarble, Twitch, Alienware, Omen by HP and many more

Sponsored poker player for Unibet having attended tournaments in Las Vegas, Copenhagen, London and Bucharest

Hosted and joined stages and panels for BlizzCon, Wowhead and Twitch

Raised over $3000 for National Breast Cancer Foundation during breast cancer awareness month

Raised over $3000 for the Alzheimer's Society

Frequently streamed content includes:

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average twitch viewers: 1000 +
video Views: 19 Million +
monthly impressions 6 Million
Twitch Subscribers 600 +
Overall Followers 556k
top viewer locations:
#1 emea *
#2 united states
#3 rest of the world
* Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Worked with brands such as:
Proudly Partnered With: